Lorin Ashton, better known under his stage name Bassnectar, is an American DJ and record producer.[13][14]



Early Life and Career

Ashton grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where he and his parents were a part of a hippie commune until he was five when his parents became born-again Christians.[2] By the time he reached his early teens, he rejected Christianity because he could not support its beliefs through logic.[2]

Initially identified with visual arts rather than music, creating movies with his dad’s camera at the age of ten.[15] He experienced an immediate sense of welcome and comfort going to raves in the mid-nineties, which led to the confluence of his heavy and electronic style of music.[18] He began creating music in the 1990s, using a variety of programs such as Vision/OpCode, Reason, and Ableton Live.[21][22] In the mid-90s, he briefly toured with Exhumed as a bass player.[17]

Bassnectar played house parties in the San Francisco Bay Area and began gaining momentum at Burning Man, often playing up to 7 sets a night.[18] He released his first album in 2001 and performed as Bassnectar for the first time in 2002.


How Bassnectar Got His Name

Lorin befriended someone who went by the name "Brother," who was huge in the early Santa Cruz Full Moon Collective Scene in the late 90s. Brother became a huge influence on him and is still one of Lorin's favorite DJs. One day, Brother gave Lorin a homemade sticker that said "Butterfly Beings Drink Bass Nectar" and at that moment, Lorin decided the next time he would start a band he would call it Bassnectar.[13]

Artistry and Influences

Bassnectar has been influenced by heavy metal early in his career is he transitioned from the death metal scene to the electronic music scene. His sound has evolved significantly over the past 15 years and his music is genre-bending, having a mix of rock, hip-hop, dubstep, trance, etc.

Cult Following

Bassnectar has a cult following of fans who identify themselves as bassheads, a community of enthusiasts who travel great distances to see Bassnectar play. Many bassheads have seen his sets 10, 20, and even over 30 times.[15]

Tours and live performances

Bassnectar performs regularly at a variety of music festivals, including Bonnaroo, Camp Bisco, Coachella, the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Electric Forest Festival, Lollapalooza, and Wakarusa. In 2012, Bassnectar sold over 250,000 tickets, not including festivals.[18]

Bassnectar finished in fourth place in the 2016 America's Best DJ competition.[14]



YearAlbumPeak positions
2003Motions of Mutation
2004Diverse Systems of Throb
2005Mesmerizing The Ultra
2007Underground Communication
2009Cozza Frenzy24
2011Divergent Spectrum422
2012Vava Voom342
2014Noise vs. Beauty211
2015Into the Sun461


YearTitlePeak positions
2008Heads Up
2009Art of Revolution
2012Divergent Spectrum Remixes
2013Take You Down
2014NVSB Remixes


2002"Float"Non-album single
2004"Creation Lullaby"Diverse Systems of Throb
2005"Booty Line/California Sunrise"Non-album single
"Taurine Thruster"Motions of Mutation
"Everybody"Mesmerizing The Ultra
2006"Blue State Riddim"
(featuring Kristina Maria)
Underground Communication
"Bomb Tha Blocks"
(featuring Persia)
2008"Viva Tibet"
(produced with Freq Nasty; released for Giveback.net's "March to Tibet" campaign
Non-album single
2009"Land of the Lupes"
2010"Here We Go"Timestretch EP
"Bass Head"
"Magical World"
(featuring Nelly Furtado)
Non-album single
"Wildstyle Method"Wildstyle EP
2011"Upside Down"Divergent Spectrum
"Above and Beyond"
(with Seth Drake)
2012"Vava Voom"
(with Lupe Fiasco)
Vava Voom
(with Amplive)
(featuring Rye Rye)
Noise vs. Beauty
"You & Me"
(featuring W Darling)[12]
2015"DJ Sona's Ultimate Skin Music"
(released as Concussive (Bassnectar x Renholdër))
Non-album single


2001Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks
2002Beatfreak Bohemia
20062006 BBC Pacific Breaks Special
2008Smashers & Mashers
Leftfield Downtempo Hyphop
2009Live Mixset for KISS FM
20102010 IDJ Mixtape
Bassnectar BBC Mixtape
2011Color Storm Remixtape
20122012 BBC MistaJam Mixtape
Amorphous Music Mixtape Volume 7
European Vacation Mix
Freestyle Mixtape
2013Immersive Music Mixtape Part One & Two
2015Mixtape 13


2009"Teleport Massive"
(featuring Zumbi)
2011"Lights"Ellie Goulding
"Immigraniada"Gogol Bordello
2013"Alkher Illa Doffor"Cheb i sabbah
2014"Feeling Good"Nina Simone
"Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart"The Glitch Mob


  • "Bomb Tha Blocks" (2007)
  • "Vava Voom" (2012)
  • "Ugly" (2012)
  • "Midnight" by Joker (Bassnectar Remix) (2015)
  • "Reaching Out" (2016)