BC Rich Kerry King Metal Master V Guitar MMVTF Tribal Fire Graphic B-Stock

This instrument is being sold well below market value in "B-Stock" condition. It has been determined to be B-Stock by BC Rich. If you do not know what B-stock is, you should not purchase this instrument without asking further questions.

B-Stock instruments may have one or more cosmetic flaws.

The lack of a finish allows you to move your hand up and down the neck more quickly despite sweat from a long active gig, heat, or just being nervous. The finish is black with a white Kerry King tribal/flame graphic over the top. The finish is very hard, I've banged mine into random things a few times because it's so much longer in the back than my previous guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul. The body is basswood which makes the guitar light. The pickups are B. C. Rich BDSM dual humbuckers which give a very evil tone when distorted, and a melodic one while played clean. The only complaint I have about this guitar is the bridge.