Beat the Grid

Beat the Grid has been working together for 4 years and recently moved from upstate NY to Brooklyn to gain exposure to the city. The debut [singles] EP Singulars, released in late October, was recently promoted by AAM, Inc. (Beck, Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens) to college and alt radio across the country, and their 1st full-length EP has already been recorded and in preliminary mixing for release sometime in the Spring. Beat the Grid has been compared to Stereolab, Brazilian Girls, and other 'softronica' approaches.

The band creates a modern mosaic of pop and hip-hop beats, syncopated South American rhythms, driving West African percussion & guitar, and European electro-synth sensations. Each song is a commentary on the human experience and the mysteries of life, seamed by silky-sexy, siren-like vocals. Their driving dance music is fearlessly sprinkled with pockets of improvised spontaneity--one moment with meditative harmony, the next with thunderous and percussive pounding.

Beat the Grid evokes modern existence. The 'Beat' references beating out celebration and the cycles of celestial and natural processes such as the heart beat, but also the act of outsmarting the 'Grid,' the technologies that intrude on interpersonal connection. Since their beginnings in recent years of mayhem, they've been charging with vigorous movement, determined to spark observers with what it means to be in cosmic accordance.

​The two-song self-released debut Singulars flows from a faraway cosmic lounge with a shimmering, electric dance dream in a shade of Blue and an inquisitive, thunderous rock hymn demanding the answers to our existential fears, & Why they exist in the first place. Since inception in recent years of mayhem, they've played over 70 shows, igniting more for their 1st full-length, due February 1st 2013. [+]