Beats Hostel Sao Paulo

Love Sao Paulo with the Beats Party Hostel crew! Cheap Beers and Free Drinks in our bar. Book now!

All of us at Beats are travellers. Some are real Paulistas, born and raised, travelling frequently. But most of us are on the road!

We all fell in love with Sao Paulo. We stuck around for a few months or even years! The different faces of this incredibly oversized Megapolis. We at Beats are all different people. We like different things. Some of us sleep all day. Others get out and walk the cultural trails. But we’re united in enjoying a caipirinha, a beer and a good party!

Our Lively Beats Bar has a happy hour with Free Drinks. Making it easy to hook up with new faces. Plan for the coming night, or the next day. Beer Garden’s open till 22:00. Bar’s open until midnight!

Beats is surrounded by the most important city highlights at walking distance. As well as bars, clubs and restaurants. However, at some point, this conglomerate city of 19million souls will request travel by metro. Good thing we’ve got 2 stations within a 500 meter circumference. And a differently colored metro line at 900 meters!

For further fraternizing, we’ve got a well equipped kitchen. Of course, during the day you’re going to want to grab some typical brazillian snacks and lunch. In the evening though, drop by the 24/7 supermarket, 300 meters from the hostel. Pick up that weird looking vegetable you saw earlier. Travel is trying new stuff, right? Ask our advice and cook it to excellency! Or fail horribly and try again at an undefined future date ;-)

Tired after a long day? Take a steamy hot shower.
Phone empty from taking pictures? Recharge it under your pillow using your personal electricity twin-socket.
Fall asleep reading the lonely planet with our personal reading light. Just a quick nap in our XL beds.
But arise in time for happy hour! You SURE hadn’t planned on hitting that wacky club, but hey, everyone’s going! AGAIN! Including the hot blonde m/f. Oh lord, the pressure…
You’re booked, again, and there’s no way around it!

In the morning, soft samba music. Toasted bread makes good for tender stomachs. Battle your hangover with freshly squeezed orange juice. Brazillian style coffee that makes your brain jump up, salute army style, and report ready for duty, SIR! Strong as Nitro. All free!

Coming from Guarulhos Airport, or leaving by the same? We think having the direct-shuttle busstop at 225 meters from the hostel makes a BIG difference. And you will too, once you see how hilly São Paulo really is.

Hello hello! PRIVATE-ROOM-people: 3Dogs offers Shared bathrooms that are cleaned multiple times per day, but not after every usage :-) Our rooms are basic rooms. TV's and sofas and stuff are in the common spaces.