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BeatStick Bennie

Hello, I am BeatStick Bennie, the bandit musician from the wastelands of a post apocalyptic future. My music blends metal and electronica together with a heavy theme on the apocalypse. I have performed at the Gulu Gulu Open Mic Shindig in Salem, Massachusetts. After only a year, I was asked to do the October feature performance. A solid and devoted fan base has built up around me.

I play a lot like Rammstein meets Mad Max with a hardcore and brutal sound. I am also pretty easy going, love talking with fans, and helping out venues by supporting them.

My gear is simple and only requires a PA system to hook up. Sound checks also go very easy and smooth for me too.

I love performing for fans, and engage the crowd in my songs, getting them pumped up and begging for more.

I can currently do up to an hour long performance and am always working on expanding. [+]