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Behind Closed Doors (book)

Plot Summary

Available exclusively to Points Passport holders. A heartbreaking childhood memoir and true story of the triumph of the human spirit. Jenny - the mother of the actress Martine McCutcheon - grew up in a house where no-one was safe from her father's violent beatings and sexual assaults, where her mother was his accomplice and a family outing was a trip to make a porn film. This is the story of how she and two of her siblings not only survived but ultimately transcended all the degradations heaped on them. With the power of love, cunning, the blackest of black humour and an indestructible self-belief, Jenny moved on, through a disastrous relationship with a man who abused her, to fulfilment, happiness and a fantastically good relationship with her own children. This is a genuinely inspiring story of redemption. [1]