Behind The Lines (book)

Plot Summary:

A remarkable anthology and the first book of its kind, Behind the Lines takes a dramatic, candid and intimate look at warfare as revealed in rare and never-before-seen war letters from around the world. It is a dramatic, intimate and unprecedented look at warfare as seen through the eyes of troops and civilians. From riveting accounts of the first shots of battle to heartfelt post-war letters of reconciliation between former enemies, we witness the full range of emotions expressed in times of war - from fear and courage to compassion and even humour. Unparalleled in geographical and historical scope it covers all major global conflicts, beginning with the Seven Year War and the American Revolution and continuing through to the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Featuring never before seen letters and emails from war zones and including the memories and thoughts from those on both sides of the hostilities documented' Behind The Lines will be a truly emotive and poignant depiction of war assembled by a uniquely talented and driven author who always keeps the general reader and narrative in mind. Andrew Carroll presents' with unflinching honesty and authenticity, the feelings of service men and civilians who have experienced combat first-hand. [1]