Erik Ossian Hugo Enby (born in 1937) is a former Swedish medical doctor and specialist in the field of geriatrics who has become known for prescribing herbal remedies to treat serious illnesses including cancer. Referred to as "the fake doctor" in the press, his licence was revoked as a result of his controversial treatment methods..


Enby was born 12 May 1937 in Karlskrona, Blekinge County. His father was a sea-captain in the merchant navy, and his mother a graduate of the Royal College of Music. In his youth, Enby studied the Classics, natural-science subjects and music. In 1962, he began to study medicine in Heidelberg. In 1967, Enby returned to Sweden and continued his medical education. In 1973 he was authorised as a licenced physician by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, but his licence was revoked in 2007.

From 1973 to 1974 Enby worked at a dermatology clinic in Gothenburg. In 1974 he began clinical studies, and he then became interested in alternative medicine. He gathered more knowledge and information in this field through specialist literature and on study tours in the United States and Germany.

In 1977 Enby opened a private medical practise to explore new forms of therapy. As it turned out, there were a large number of opportunities to help patients who couldn't find a remedy for their illnesses in the established medical care, and his grew. In addition, he had his work at the University Clinic for Geriatrics at in Gothenburg, where he was in charge of a ward with various policlinical duties. In 1980 he became a specialist in the field of geriatrics including internal medicine. Eventually, he additionally became a general practitioner. He retired from in 2004.

In 1979-1980 Enby became interested in the definitions of “health”, “illness” and “death”. His idea is that an illness must be a special condition arising in the tissues. These ideas made it impossible for him to participate whole-heartedly in the research work at the clinic where he was employed, because he found that the research he was interested in lay in a different direction. After a while he developed his method of research, and for decades spent all his leisure time working on his theory. He explains what he means by "health", "illness" and "death" with the aid of microbe-like formations he has found in patients' blood. His analyses are based on blood microscopy work carried out by the professor in zoology, Günther Enderlein, towards the end of his life. In addition to his own research, Enby managed to continue his work at the hospital.

In 2007 Enby's medical licence was revoked because of his pseudoscientificic methods of treating cancer patients, as it is illegal in Sweden to treat certain serious illnesses using methods that have no scientific basis.

Treatment Methods

Enby's methods aren't based in mainstream medical science and have received massive criticism in consequence, leading to his being dubbed "bluffdoktorn" (the fake doctor) in the popular press.

In 2006, the Swedish TV3 ran an episode of its show Insider which featured Enby, filmed with a hidden camera, prescribing blueberry extract and horseradish to the undercover journalist who claimed to be suffering from cancer of the lymph nodes.[2]

Patient Deaths

Two patients with cancer are known to have died while under Enby's care.

One woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. She declined surgery and went to see Enby, who supported her decision, claiming that cancer spreads when it is cut into. Instead, he prescribed vitamins and nettle extract. She stopped the treatment after 6 weeks. Her condition worsened and she eventually died from her illness after a failed suicide attempt.[3]

Another woman had late-stage liver cancer. She went to see Enby and was prescribed various remedies including coral minerals and vitamin B. Her condition didn't improve and she died a few weeks later. According to her daughter, Enby admitted he knew the remedies would have no effect and agreed to refund any unopened products.[4]

After Loss of License

After his licence was revoked in 2007, Enby has continued to practise medicine legally and illegally.

In September 2008, Swedish newspaper Göteborgstidningen revealed that Enby continued to see and treat cancer patients, which in Sweden is illegal for non-licensed medical practitioners.[5]

Enby's research

Enby is primarily known for his work with blood and his theories about the origins of diseases. Since the late 1970s, Enby has carried out independent research on the nature of illness and the phenomenon of chronic illness. His research is based on the idea that illness is caused by pleomorphic microbiological growth. He claims that his work confirms that most of the chronically ill have growing structures in blood and solid tissues, not described earlier in modern medical research. The medical community hasn't accepted his results after he hasn't been able to provide evidence for his case.

The Ethical Committee of the University of Gothenburg approved Enby's research in 1983.

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