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Black Fly Reviews

A young man with an old bohemian soul personified by a strong and loud weeping-raw melodic voice, channeling folk music of old, driven by haunting minor chords, carrying deep vines of acoustic blues, with a laid-back but zealous lyrics content.

About Me

I’m Mikhael Muya of Black Fly Reviews, a musician currently based In Brooklyn, New York and Boston, MA.
My primary goal is to be allowed the privilege to have my music be the soundtrack to a scene or moment in your life.(And I want to hear about them!)

I've got a great passion for songwriting, and everything that goes into writing a beautiful song–experience, connection, and deep feeling. I’m drawn to acoustic driven sounds, but when a song is good: it’s good and I don’t care much about the genre.

I am frequently described as Bohemian and laid back, however I have a lot of zeal to go along with it. Playing live is where i get to be bigger than my emotional and physical limitations. As a one man band I love to collaborate, and have had the privilege of sharing the stage with some truly brilliant musicians who take my sounds to a whole new space of expression.