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Black Label: Holland's Hope

Black Label Seeds Hollands Hope cannabis is a stable hybrid of Afghan and Skunk genotypes and is developed by  Black Label for tough outdoor conditions. First cultivated and harvested in Netherlands in early 80s, Hollands Hope has been showing excellent performance in other European countries as well as within the USA.  Her performance was exceptionally good in regions with wet and changeable summer, thus, giving a hope to outdoor cannabis seeds growers cultivating in cool climates and where short summers may limit the marijuana growing season. It has been raising the standard for Dutch outdoor cannabis seeds. Black Label seeds of Holland۪s Hope are very easy to grow. Being indica/sativa, they combine the best qualities of the both strains. Like any other mostly indica strains, they are pest and mould/fungus resistant and show excellent results in any growing setups. They produce strong and healthy seedlings whose height is definitely influenced by sativa genes. Mature plants can reach 2 meters in height if growing outside, while indoor varieties remain good pets and do not stretch longer than 120 cm. Holland۪s Hope has a very appealing look, especially when the first buds arrive. It doesn۪t take long this marijuana variety has an incredibly short flowering period, just 8 weeks. She develops big buds that are really dense, with the calyxes pressed together. Holland۪s Hope is a really good yielder; she is said to produce as much as 700 gr of quality marijuana per m2. The final product contains 15+% of THC which hits you nearly instantly with a "stoned" or "corporal" effect, a strong body and mind relaxation. [+]