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Black Label: Jack Herer

Ready for harvesting in September – October when grown outside these plants are probably better when grown inside and they will be ready in about seven to ten weeks. The plant is of a controllable size and bears gorgeous buds that deliver an award winning spicy scent and flavour. Harvest yield is an easy 350-400gr/m2 delivering loads of Hazy resin resulting in a stirring and feverish high. From Black Label Seeds, Jack Herer is the creation out of many years work by marijuana breeders and she really does deserve her multi awards at the Cannabis Cup. She was named after the well known cannabis activist and author Jack Herer and it has been said that she has inherited some of his personality when considering the rapidity, vigour and giggle effect this plant has. This Sativa Indica blend is a definite ‘must’ for anyone seeking an overwhelming high and who can cope with strong effects. [+]