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Black Label: Ole 47

Developed by Black Label Seeds in the 1970s when breeding experiments crossed Indica and Sativa strains until a new and unique form came into being. Indica-dominant Ole 47 was immediately adopted by growers and consumers alike because of its many qualities. It's quick and easy to grow, produces high yields of good quality crop and has a strong resistance to stress and disease. The strong, healthy seedlings are happy indoors or out, although the plants are petite and so many growers choose indoors. Mature plants don't need much space, but can produce up to 450 gr per m2. THC levels can reach to in excess of 15%, making the effect of this strain one of deep relaxation in mind and body. Some claim that this strain will be tastier and more potent after a longer cure. The mature plants are pleasing in appearance, with the typical Indica Christmas tree shape. The plant will fill out, becoming bushy during flowering at 7-9 weeks and producing large, dense buds, with the calyxes pressed together. Ole 47 has a very mild, fruity and earthy smell. A smooth smoke and easy on the throat this strain envelops you in warmth and peace. [+]