Matthew Tyler Musto (born November 27, 1990), best known professionally as Blackbear, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer. He first began collaborating with artists such as Rivers Cuomo, Childish Gambino, and Pharrell Williams before venturing into R&B-inspired music.[2] He has collaborated with several musical artists such as G Eazy, Justin Bieber, Mike Posner, James Blake, Maejor Ali, Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun, among others.

Musto is best known for his R&B-oriented rap and hip hop music.[3]


2012–14: Early career

Following the release of "Boyfriend" in early 2012, Blackbear released his first mixtape, Sex, with collaborations from James Blake and Mike Posner on October 31.[4] He released his second EP, The Afterglow, on April 20, 2014.[5]

2015–present: Deadroses and Help

Blackbear's first full-length album, Deadroses, was released on February 14, 2015.[6] The lead single, "Idfc", earned millions of streams on both SoundCloud and Spotify. The second single, "90210", featuring G-Eazy, was described as an "upbeat, summery instrumental".[7] Deadroses was soon followed by an EP, Dead, which features acoustic versions of Deadroses tracks, as well as one new track.[8] He released his second full-length album, Help, on February 17, 2016.[9] Blackbear's most recent release is his fourth EP, Drink Bleach, released on June 17.[10]


Studio albums
  • Deadroses (2015)
  • Help (2016)
  • Camino (2014)
  • The Afterglow (2014)
  • Dead (Acoustic) (2015)
  • Drink Bleach (2016)