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Blackheart Honeymoon

Many bands can boast of intricate arrangements, hook-laden melodies, precision instrumentation, and heart-melting harmonies, but few can deliver the goods like Blackheart Honeymoon. This ensemble has been perfecting their musical stew since 2011, when longtime friends (they met in the Boy Scouts!) Ian Prebo (vocals/guitar) and Wes Amundsen (upright bass) first began combining their musical talents into an aptly appetizing recipe for folk-rock sweetness. Steve Andrea (guitar) joined soon after, bringing a sonic pastiche of perfection. Their 2012 ep release, "Nothing and Everything else," delivered 6 delectable tracks that ran the gamut from classic country to indie-rock with a hint of psychedelia, and was glowingly received by critics and fans alike.

In 2013, Adrienne Marie (keys/vocals) and Dusty Hayes (drums/vocals) were added to the lineup, and the crew has been simmering their saucy new sound ever since. The band plans to record their full-length album at the Kill Room (Seattle, WA) in February, followed by a regional tour of select cities in the spring and a national tour in summer.

Ian's songwriting chops and expert vocal delivery form the foundation of Blackheart Honeymoon, but each member is a capable singer and songwriter in their own right and brings to the table the imagination, heart and ethic essential for creating an aural dessert sure to please any discerning palate. [+]