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Blackout Effectors Mantra OD

For the first time Blackout Effectors is offering admission to the secret club of users who’ve opted to have their Mantra Overdrives altered with the so-called “Low-Gain Mod” performed by Blackout on request, only available when ordering direct from them.

This enhancement to the Mantra adds an extra range of lower gain possibilities via an added toggle switch, while still retaining the classic Mantra crunch on the “HI” setting. As always, both gain modes offer extremely sensitive touch dynamics and both modes clean up gorgeously with volume roll-off from your guitar, due to its multiple cascaded amp-like circuit architecture via alternating MOSFET and JFET amplifier stages.

The Limited Edition Dual-Gain Mantra also utilizes an extremely flexible Baxandall-style EQ circuit, allowing it to be effectively paired with mid-scooped Fender-type amps and mid-present Marshall-type amps.

For this limited edition run they’ve opted to give it an aesthetic facelift with a slightly more minimalist graphic that references the classic Mantra’s design excess and an inverted color scheme. The entire run was also silkscreened in house at Blackout by the same people who built them.

The classic MANTRA is genetically far removed from the run-of-the-mill overdrive fare and the sonic difference is clear. The Limited Edition Dual-Gain Mantra takes that sonic superiority and expands its palette with lots of new colors and possibility.