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Blatant is Hollywood's Newest "Loud,Rude & Agressive sleazy High octane rock n roll band .. Hardrock with a Fuck You attitude......featuring members of : middle finger mob, bulletboys,modern superstar & nothing sacred......we're the band your mother warned you about !

The Band name says it all, and The name of the band suits them very well, as they exude a “I don’t a give a f*#@!“ attitude that they make no apologies for & proudly display a "Blatant disrequard for authority. BLATANT has an intense raw sound and attitude that betrays you the moment you let your guard down & leaves you begging for more when the band unleashes their brand of High
octane, bastard rock n roll to unsuspecting audiences . BLATANT represents survival of the fittest, and for this reason alone they are a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye out for their debut CD release .. coming very soon...... You have been warned ! [+]