Blizzard Dakota Womens Skis

The Blizzard Dakota is for hard charging ladies who will be spending most of their time in the bowls, trees and everything that is good about skiing. The Dakota is made from the same mold as the Cochise, but with a slightly softer feel just for the ladies, who are just as good if not better skiers than the fellas, but not as heavy. Blizzards Flipcore 3D Rocker is a natural rocker shape built from the ground up, so none of the wood is bent or broken in the press, to give their skis a natural lively flex without compromising stiffness. Vertical Sidewalls and a layer of titanium give the Dakota the torsional strength and power that is not found in most women specific skis on the market. Rocker in the tip and tail will give you the ability to float and smear in all of the deep fluffy stuff. If you are a skier who the guys are always behind you in the tram line, the drink count and on the way down a steep powder filled run, the Blizzard Dakota is a ski for you. [+]