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Blizzard Gunsmoke Skis 2016

The Gunsmoke from Blizzard makes a great ski for aggressive skiers that are looking for one ski to tear up the fresh snow in the resort, and be lightweight enough to hit up the backcountry sometimes. The Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile is made by Blizzard's Flip Core Technique that puts the wood in the ski press upside down that gives it a natural flex, better stability, and allows the ski to be more responsive, especially at higher speeds. The Lite Core is made with a combination of Poplar, Bamboo, and ISO Wood that has a very lightweight feeling, but very stable, snappy, with a great strength to weight ratio. A Ti Binding Interface has a single sheet of titanium underneath the mounting platform that will give you a trusted and sturdy connection to prevent you from ripping out screws. At 114mm at the waist, the Gunsmoke floats in the deepest of pow, but can feel surprisingly nimble when you want it to. If you want a hard charging ski that rips inbounds or out, pull the Blizzard Gunsmoke out of your holster, and blow the smoke out of the barrel! [+]