Blizzard Spur Skis 2016

The Blizzard Spur is one beast of a ski that aggressive chargers will love the stability and maneuverability. The Spur utilizes Blizzard's Carbon Flip Core that has Carbon Fiber integrated into the rockered areas of the tip and tail that lowers both the swingweight, total weight; reduce vibrations in the tip, to all make this giant ski easy to maneuver. The Spur is also loaded with the Lite Core Technology that has a great strength to weight ratio that has Isocore Material, and Bamboo that make it much lighter to throw on your shoulder for a short hike, without compromising any performance. The Massive 125mm waist is unsinkable in deep snow. If you have been trying to track down this ski, you know what it is all about, lightweight, ultra stable, and ultra powerful, dig your heels into the Blizzard Spur. [+]