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Blue Bottle Capsule B1

The B1 has been designed to capture instruments with a detailed high end, and features a dip in response around 400 Hz to enhance the clarity of a program source.—SW I found the B1’s most notable characteristics to be sweet highs, abundant high end detail, extremely lifelike transient response, and an open, uncompressed sound that seems to add extra depth and dimension to any source. This capsule offers punchy bass pickup without extended or muddy lows, neutral off-axis response, and a lack of harshness that is extraordinary for a small diaphragm trans- ducer. Compared to other BLUE cardioid capsules, the B1 is prone to ambient pickup of low end noise (air conditioning, rumble etc.), but it does perform well in distant miking situations, and is striking in its accuracy and pleasant timbre.—MB RECOMMENDED FOR: Nylon or steel-string acoustic guitar, piano, vibraphone, accordion, drum overheads, metal percussion, hi-hat, small pitched percussion such as toy piano or mbira, voice-overs, special vocal effects, room or ambient miking, Foley and sound effect recording.