Blue Bottle Capsule B2

The response of the B2 has been tailored to resemble the big, warm sound and open pickup pattern of a vintage ribbon microphone. When worked close this capsule is reminiscent of the ǃ_Bing Crosby Sound,ǃ_ with soft highs and an enhanced proximity effect. The B2 offers a thick and compressed tonality, with an aggressive upper midrange and big low end response on par with the B0 and B4 capsules. It has a distinctively mellow high end compared to other BLUE capsules, and does a remarkable job of capturing the gentle timbre and roomy pickup of a ribbon microphone (without the fragility or low output problems of a classic specimen). The prox- imity effect of this pattern is pronounced, and can be used to great effect on vocals and soloists, whether one is pursuing experimental modern techniques, or recalling historical recording styles.