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Blue Bottle Capsule B4

he B4 represents our finest crafts- manship, evoking an ethereal quality sought after by producers and engi- neers alike. The Perspex sphere which houses our small diaphragm capsule, hand-built by BLUE engineers, is a unique design made popular in the 1950’s on the RCA Red Seal series re- cordings. For room sounds and ambi- ent drum recording, nothing parallels the sound of this capsule. The B4’s sweet highs are never harsh or strident, and the bass response below 120 Hz is unusually robust for an omnidirectional microphone. This capsule’s smooth presence lift conveys an extra measure of high end detail and focus, prevent- ing distant sounds from becoming overly diffuse or “washed out”. I call this the audiophile capsule; traditionally Perspex sphere micro- phones are highly regarded for distant miking of classical instru- ments and ensembles. And, along with the B0 and B2 capsules, the B4 offers maximum low-end pickup, ranking as a particularly useful and unique tool for studio recording. Expect some ambient pickup of low end noise (air conditioning, rumble etc.), and 4 to 8 dB lower output relative to other capsules.