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Blue Bottle Capsule B6

This is our premium capsule, tuned to deliver a larger-than-life sound with extension in the lower and upper frequencies. Though designed primarily to achieve a world-class contemporary vocal sound, the B6 can also be utilized to add a glossy, produced sheen to saxo- phone, piano, and other acoustic lead instruments. To obtain the ultimate vocal sound, work the B6 close with a pop filter.—SW The big, modern tone and sharply-etched presence of the B6 exem- plifies the BLUE sound. With a brighter response and more proximity effect than the B7, and less high or low end extension compared to the B0, this capsule is logically a standard first choice for vocals. It also has extreme presence and “grab” at distances of three feet or more for distant acoustic guitar miking, ambient percussion miking, and unconventional vocal treatments. The B6 has the highest sensitivity of any BLUE capsule, and delivers significantly hotter output than most condenser microphones.