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B.Maine has been doing his thing in the Memphis underground era for awhile now. After doing different features with various underground artists, B.Maine feels it's his time to emerge from the shadows onto the front lines of the underground battle scene. The older brother of Young Snipe (one of Memphis' own underground legends and super producer), B.Maine been long awaiting his chance to rise from the gutta streets of North Memphis, Tn, to the spotlight of the music industry. With his Gangsta/Pimpish style, and a lyrical flow that'll make even the hardest rapper shut-up and listen, B.Maine plans to bring back to the game what it's been missing for awhile now, "GUTTA". Originally born in Chicago,IL, B.Maine was raised half of his life in the gang banging streets of the south side's "Low-end", and later relocated to the hustling life of North Memphis,Tn. With the best of both worlds (Chi-Town & M-Town), B.Maine is expected to be the next gutta sensation to climb to the top of the game, from the bottom of the slums. Be on the look out for his underground album, "Certified Gutta", in the streets now. [+]