Boardworks Surf Jetty Package 11ft Recreational Stand Up Paddleboard

The Boardworks Surf Jetty Stand Up Paddle Board Package gives you both the board and the paddle so that you can hit the water with just the right equipment. The Jetty SUP is made of a fiberglass and resin laminated foam core with wood stringers making the board very strong and durable. The foam deck and rail ensures that you can stay steady on the board while cruising on the water. The slick hard bottom helps give you that smooth glide. The paddle that comes with the Jetty Package has an aluminum shaft and fiberglass nylon blade which is very durable and lightweight so it's real easy to handle. The paddle is also adjustable from 69 inches all the way to 85 inches so it can accommodate a lot of heights and different riders. Whether you're a beginner or advanced SUPer, the Boardworks Surf Jetty Stand Up Paddle Board Package is a great option for everything you need. [+]