Bodega Dream

Bodega Dream started in Miami between Wynwood and Overtown. Living between an emerging art district and a renowned ghetto is the foundation of the music. Bodega dream relocated to New York where they are currently playing shows. After a year of living in New York, Sergio Edgardo Rivera and Darion Ray Kelley composed, arranged, and recorded the EP entitled Chronic City, released October 19, 2014. The EP takes the band in a new direction. Merging Hip Hop beats and Indie Rock flare into every song while dashing out small glimpses of southern swag and soul. Chronic City is the back drop to the bands experience of life in Brooklyn, NY. Each song is a short story told through the voice of Darion Ray Kelley.

In the past the group performed with Sergio playing guitar, piano, computer, and loppers as Darion sang and rapped over the constructed beats. Now the group includes drums, bass, and piano in order to expand their sound.