Bodhi: Ancient OG

Genetics: Iranian Landrace x Snow LotusFlowering Time: MediumHeight: MediumCharacteristics:  Primordial OG WandsThe fourth installment in the og synthesis series, a heavy duty true OG dominant hybrid, that takes things to the next level. Based on an old Iranian landrace from the 70s that may be the mother of all OGs wed to the Snow Lotus male. Deep earthy forest OG aromas, with creamy citrus kush undertones, like Goji OG without the berry and added lemon Pledge. Larger yield than the Goji but with the same growth habits, extreme frost, supportive structure, great for SOG, or top for a larger productive bush. Makes a great breeding partner or take it to f2 to dig for pure Iranian phenos, or purple Snow Lotus phenos.. highs range between more narcotic Snow Lotus phenos, to full spectrum wrap around OG kush effects. This is a very special line.... [+]