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Bones Ceramic Skate Bearings

Bones Ceramics Labyrinth Bearings are simply the best. Not suited well for beginner skaters, professionals and intermediates alike swear by these bearings and why? These bearings are strong, fast, smooth and durable - everything you could ever ask from a bearing. The ceramic balls make them roll faster, stronger and are one of the lightest bearings on the market. They are also easy to clean. Each Labyrinth seal fits into a groove cut into the inner race without touching the walls or bottom of the groove, so that dirt and water must go through a Labyrinth or U shaped path to get to the inside of the bearing. The labyrinth seals are still removable for cleaning, but the skate time between cleanings is greatly increased. The Bones Bearing team of skaters who have tried these note that they are just as fast as ever, but are quieter, and stay clean longer. Bones Bearing factory testing confirms this. Made of 100% high purity silicon nitride ceramic with a removable high speed nylon ball cage, removable non-contact frictionless rubber shields and lubricated with low viscosity Bones speed cream. [+]