Book Zach Weinersmith

Zachary "Zach" Alexander Weinersmith is the author and illustrator of the webcomic "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal." He is the writer of two other webcomics, the completed "Captain Excelsior" with artist Chris Jones, and "Snowflakes," co-written by James Ashby and also illustrated by Jones. He also founded the sketch comedy group SMBC Theater with James Ashby and Marty Weinersmith in 2009. Weinersmith has been involved in writing and drawing comics since his high school years, but he premiered on the internet in 2000. His early comics usually have three or more panels, but after 2002, he switched to drawing predominantly one panel comics. He stated in an interview that he is glad to have decided to draw one panel comics because he feels three panel webcomics have become a cliche and there are almost no decent one panel comics on the internet. More recently, he draws a mixture of single and multi panel comics for SMBC. [+]