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Book Zak Ebrahim

Zak Ebrahim was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on March 24, 1983, the son of an Egyptian industrial engineer and an American school teacher. On November 5th, 1990, when Ebrahim was seven years old, his father assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane, leader of the Jewish Defense League. In 1994, the men Ebrahim looked up to and called "Amu”—Arabic for uncle—were convicted of detonating a van filled with 1,500 pounds of explosives in the sub level parking lot of the World Trade Center's North tower. Ebrahim's father was eventually convicted for his involvement in the overall plot, which included attempts to bomb a dozen New York City landmarks including tunnels, synagogues, and United Nations headquarters. Osama Bin Laden helped pay for Nosair's legal defense for his trial and in one of his infamous video messages, Bin Laden urged the world to "Remember El-Sayyid Nosair." [+]