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Born Frustrated

3 piece high energy ska punk band in midtown Memphis, Tn. Started in the summer of 2013, we moved fast playing house parties to multiple venues in under 3 weeks built a name and respect in the punk rock scene. Playing songs of angst, mental struggles, and struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, Born Frustrated speaks truth and honesty about the things people all deal with but never speak of. A various mix in the setlist going from a pop punk song into a metal song then back around to straight ska, bound to play something for everyone. The lead guitarist and singer has been in multiple bands and cities as a young traveler before ending up in Memphis. Bands including: Los Psychosis (rockabilly), Special Victims Unit (thrash punk), Evil Army (thrash metal), Tyler Timebomb (acoustic folk punk), Dinosauria (psychedellic rock), Doozra (EDM Production/DJ), The Reaganots (streetpunk), Vocally Disgusted (streetpunk), and many others. Joined by the young Jon Lee taught from a young age and raised as a drummer, is an amazing talented technical drummer for punk and ska music. Mark Egan aka Party Pat, has a history of playing many instruments and by the time he was 17 produced a full length album of multiple genres of originals involving piano, guitar, bass, drums, and his vocals called Mark Egan's American Dream. Together they met in Memphis, Tn and became great friends becoming what is Born Frustrated today. [+]