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Brain Capital

Brain Capital began with three artist friends and many many years of rock 'n' roll together somewhere in the mysterious land of Ohio, mostly under the name Robots On Crack.
Eventually said persons drove out west, landed in Portland and continued desperately to develop their sound without practice space, amplification, nor money. A few years down the line, and with the aid of a talented bassist and artist friend, all their experiences, sweat, blood, and tears combined and transformed them into the high energy art rock 'n' roll force of nature known as Brain Capital.

Brain Capital is writing and recording right now, as well as planning tours, booking shows, eating and breathing music, drawing, painting, reading, biking, hiking, and smoking.

Sound: Think of a Devo, Modern Lovers and Talking Heads inspired garage quartet raised on Nirvana, Bowie and JImi Hendrix, fed elements of Motorhead and Herb Alpert & his Tijuana Brass Band while listening to Deerhoof, Halleluiah Chicken Run Band, and the Tune Yards. Oh and of course the Velvet Underground. [+]