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A sassy punk rock chick, a fancypants bluegrass princess, and a grouchy old death metal monster walked into a bar…. wait, have you heard this one already? This joke is the story of Atlanta’s shmexiest high-intensity hard rock fiasco.

After a lifetime of being friends the three of us decided to join in something unlike anything we had done before… we booked our first concert that same day and just one month later found ourselves onstage and heavily under fire from launched underpants. We completed our first North American tour of nearly two weeks’ concerts up to New York City & back before blowing the candles off a birthday cake at our first anniversary concert back where it all started, and are currently slapping the butt of our very first full-length album (available in sexy vinyl!) and booking our SECOND North American Tour.

We love fun, we love this band (which was our bestest idea ever!–) and we love all the crazy people that this hard-rocking warfare introduces us to. That means you stupid!