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Bricklayer Bosh

Music for the Strange and Unusual because we ourselves are strange and unusual…

“It's as if Elvira joined Oingo Boingo!”
— Synn Hellscream, Squirrelly Arts

“Check out Bricklayer Bosh! SUPER ENTERTAINING. I mean their drummer is a skeleton with boobs. Awesome.”
— The Napoleon Complex

Bosh was born on an unusually foggy Friday the 13th evening in Lemoore, CA. Born two weeks early, her dad was at the double feature of Return of the Living Dead and Fright Night.

Foreshadowing, indeed.

Raised on Oingo Boingo, 90’s Nickelodeon, and HBO’s Tales From the Crypt, she is proud to introduce Bricklayer Bosh, an all-year Halloween party musically inspired by The Sugarcubes/ 90’s Björk, Killing Joke, and, of course, Oingo Boingo.

Bricklayer Bosh, established 2011, is currently running their second tour, The Nonsense Asylum.

Come out if you will, you’re in for a thrill…

Cast of Characters
Bosh Bonesy: Bass, Vox, Horror Host
Dom Sequitur: Marimba, Percussion, Bass
Sneaky Scott: Guitar, DJ, VideoJ
Tatum Elvyra Korg: Drums, Synth, Eye Candy [+]