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Building Birds

Hailing from the industry town of Flint, Michigan, alternative rock band Building Birds knows a thing or two about creating with passion.

The band’s music is a swaying tree of emotion that pushes and pulls the listener, both challenging them and soothing them. Feathers of reverb crash away as gusts of distortion hold them at arm’s length…just enough to convey urgency, but close enough to draw everything back together into a delicate embrace.

Vocalist/guitarist Ashley Peacock sings with a purposeful breath which at times evokes the ghost of Jeff Buckley. Bassist Johnny Mason performs with a rhythmic intention that drives and draws the melodies forward. Much as a poet moves a pen, guitarist Taylor VonBrockdorff plays with a sentiment that can shift from gentle to giant at any moment. Drummer Michelle McAuley hits with the competency of Motown’s finest to lock hands with the audience, to bring everyone out to the other side.

Reminiscent of alt melody champions such as The Bends era Radiohead, early U2, and even shoegazers My Bloody Valentine; Desire, despair, bliss, regret, and hope are all themes that weave themselves throughout the Building Birds catalog.

Imagine a watercolor being painted with sound…splashing, bleeding, blending, moving along the paper of your mind in tiny rivers of creation. Now, open your eyes, and realize that it actually happened… [+]