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Burton Blunt Wide Snowboard 2016

The Burton Blunt Wide Snowboard is a true twin, frontside and park machine that will give you the tools you need to perform at your best. Built with a Flat Top Rocker, this board is flat in the middle with a little rocker providing you with plenty of stability, balance and edge control. Its kick tip and tail offer a catch-free and loose feeling. With its Super Fly Core you'll have a super light ride with snap and response. Combined with Dualzone EGD which for continuous edge hold and additional strength as well as Squeezebox Low for effortless control and you'll find an incredible core built to help you progress and ride like a pro. With its Sintered Base, the Blunt Snowboard absorbs wax easily and is very strong for the days your stomping boxes. Finally, Frostbite Edges gives you an immense hold when on ice or hard snow while still keeping the board smooth and forgiving. Head to the mountain in any conditions and destroy it all with the Burton Blunt Wide Snowboard. [+]