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Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings 2016

The Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings are feature rich and have lots of tech so that all your carves and landings are well-cushioned and overflowing with performance. The Single-Component Canted Highback follows the contours of your legs maximizing control and comfort. Living Hinge allows you to adjust the forward lean and highback rotation independently. The Lushstrap is plenty comfortable and conforms to your boot for maximum support and response. Primo Capstrap curves with the toe of your boot and pushes your heel back into the heelcup so you get the best performance out of your binding. Smooth Glide buckles ratchet and release buttery smooth so grab your pancakes. FullBED Cushioning System is like having pillows under your feet to dampen the ride without sacrificing board feel. There's a reason why the Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings have been around for as long as it has. Check them out! [+]