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Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings 2016

The Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings are a fan favorite and always a success which is why it's back for another killer year. Featuring a couple new updates, the Mission still holds true as an incredible piece of hardware when heading to the mountain. The Mission highback is a single-component and canted design. The Living Hinge allows you to adjust your forward lean and highback rotation independently while reducing weight. The Mission has zero-lean by default so you aren't forced into an uncomfortable amount of lean. The Reactstrap is ultra responsive with minimized construction and the Gettagrip Capstrap conforms to the toe of your boot pushing your heel back into the binding without giving you pressure points. Smooth Glide buckles are buttery smooth. Updated with a Removable SensoryBED Cushioning System you'll have extra-sensory control and plenty of cushioning. Combined with the Under-Baseplate Dampening Pad and you'll have plenty to absorb those hard landings and hard hits on the boxes and rails. Burton absolutely crushes it again this year with their Mission Snowboard Bindings. Check 'em out. [+]