Butterfly Guest House

Butterfly Guest House is located in heart of Langkawi Island, The Butterfly Place has taken me five years to build.

This garden, perched on the hillside of a tropical Rain-Forest, immediately takes one into an unforgettable experience of the lost natural flow. The Butterfly Secret is about the lost Magic of Transformation, a lost art to be regained, when modern life-styles has so bluntly robbed us of this innocence, what is essentially ours.

At the Butterfly Place, the lost seed of the Art of Transformation will be sowed. Here, we allow nature to take us back to the place we were before. As we seek the healing of herbal baths, healing touch massage, chi-kung exercise, we also seek to understand the nature of the dreaming mind in a dreaming universe. And all of this lost Magic of Living is embedded in a fantasy novel –Secrets of a Butterfly—which has taken me sixteen years to write.

We have different room types available for you to choose from: Long House Dormitory Rooms and Dormitory Butterfly Rooms.

Butterfly Guest House, is perched on the hillside, overlooking the sea, in a natural Tropical Rain-Forest garden environment. The place is teeming with wild birds, butterflies, and herbal fauna, and we need to enjoy them without causing any harm.


1).Reception is open from 8 am to 10 pm. Check in at 9am and check out at 11am.
Breakfast time: 8am to 11am.
Keep the noise down after 11pm.
After using the barbecue pit in the camp ground area, please put out the fire with water.
If you love to have traditional Malay cuisines, please make your order three hours ahead of time.
Help to keep the area clean, tidy up your own mess and garbage.
2).3 days advance notice for free cancellation.
3).Cash payment only upon arrival.