Byerly Monarch Wakeboard With Verdict Bindings

The Byerly Monarch Wakeboard is a great option for the intermediate to advanced level rider looking for a strong and reliable board that will give them the speed and pop to become a rock star on the water. The Monarch has a blended 3-Stage Rocker as well as molded fins which helps aid in keeping the speed up, the tracking true and lots of airtime when popping off the wake. Built with a Biolite 3 Core, this board is light and strong but makes riders of all skill levels feel comfortable. Its Double Lap Construction makes the Monarch the king of the lake with its strong and durable sidewalls so that the board maintains its integrity from beginning to end. The Verdict Bindings are comfortable and easy to use. The Velcro closure system provides lots of support and stability and the hybrid tongue offers plenty of cushioning for those high impact landings. Be the king of the water and make all those bow before you when you ride in on your Byerly Monarch Wakeboard. [+]