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Calexit/Yes California

Calexit is a proposed referendum in the state of California to leave the United States and become an independent country. The idea gained steamed after Donald Trump won the United States presidential election in 2016.


Calexit was named after Brexit.



The ideas of Calexit has its roots with the founder of the Yes California movement, Louis Marinelli. He proposes that California be recognized as a "nation within a nation" similar to the model in the United Kingdom and believes that California should "be granted extra sovereignty within the system." A central issue that is at the forefront of the movement is for California to control its own immigration policy.[11]  


Yes California is attempting to put the question of succession as a referendum on the California ballot in 2018, and aim to become a nation in 2019.[3]


Social Media Support

Immediately following the election of Donald Trump as President, the hashtag #Calexit began to trend Twitter and Facebook. In the general election, 61% of Californians voted for Hillary Clinton.[13]


Problems with Calexit

There are several issues that California faces if it decides to succeed from the United States. Under the Supreme Court decision Texas v. White, it was declared that succession is illegal. In addition, California relies on other states for its energy and natural resources. The Colorado River Aqueduct is one of the main sources of water in Southern California and the Hoover Dam supplies much of their power.