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"From the moment she hits the stage, you sense Candy Coburn is not your run-of-the-mill chick singer. Bringing her own high-energy style, great music and signature green guitars to the stage, Candy puts on a show that rocks!

Growing up in Western Kentucky, Southeast Missouri and part-time in Texas makes for quite an interesting melting pot of experiences and influences for a career in music. When asked who her biggest influences are she will tell you the list is too long to rattle off in less than an hour and that the list would include some of the unique characters in her family as well.

Her original songs, live show, and her approachable, down-to-earth personality, attract growing numbers of the most loyal and dedicated fans from coast to coast. Candy likes to keep it real and she takes care to not get lost in the trappings of an active career of entertainment on some of the best stages in the country. The generosity and positive spirit of this petite country rocker give her an innate ability to soften even the hardest of hearts and spark the fires of belief that good things really can happen for those who work hard and keep the faith.

While she grew up on gospel and still believes it is one of the backbones that has shaped the great music of today, Candy found there were so many types of music out there…Good Music.

From her Grandmother, *Loma Jean, Candy learned the love of singing and she learned to appreciate and share the talents God gave her. But it would be years before she was able to do her own music her own way. As all life journeys go, there were a few bumps along the way, a few detours, and several wrong turns; but all of these are necessary to make the outcome so much more meaningful.

After high school, Candy landed a music scholarship to the University of Missouri and enrolled as a music major with a minor in journalism. There she studied Opera, but a tenacious Candy wanted more. Her voice teacher told her that if she didn’t pursue a classical Opera career, she would be wasting her talent. It wasn’t long before she knew the advice was not a good fit for her so it was time to change directions and go it alone. Don’t ever tell Candy she cannot do something, because she will work it until it happens!

Discouraged at first, she quit school, got a job and played with a couple of bands, along with a killer worship team in church. But with that never-quit attitude that drives her, Candy went back and finished at the University of Missouri with a Theater degree and minor in Music.

After college, Candy says, “I started playing guitar and wrote my first song. I was never told at any point growing up or in school, ‘Hey, you need to learn to write songs that say what you have to say and let people know who you are.’ No one told me I should be developing who I am as an artist, play an instrument, get out and go to work performing anywhere and everywhere anyone would listen.”

It was challenging at first, but Candy began to play solo and try out her songs for small venues.

“I tell everyone I know who wants to be in this crazy business; not only do you need to learn to perform on stage, but learn how to do everything behind the scenes. Learn about booking and production, including setting up and tearing down your own gear. Learn to play an instrument to make sure you still get paid if someone doesn't show up for the gig. Learn about finances, taxes, hiring and firing. Only surround yourself with people you would actually invite to Christmas dinner. Read every book there is about this business…and go to work! No one will hand anything to you. When you learn the language of this business it can be a lot of fun! I say it all in the hope of saving them years off of the trial and error roller coaster I went through.”

Candy will jokingly tell you she could write a book about how to not do things in the music business. She has been through every band drama you can think of; she has slept in cheap hotels where no normal person would dare step foot, she has driven all night to a gig only to find it had been canceled. In the early days, she lost more money than she cares to remember, and she has been told “No” so many times that a normal person would have said “Yes,” to giving up sooner. But she keeps going.…

“This thing is unbelievable to me. When people get my music and it makes a difference in their lives… I never thought I’d get to see that happen in my life. It makes me feel like I am doing something to make a difference. I love the amazing female fans who tell me they hear something in one of my songs and it is something they can relate to and feel confident and empowered by,” says Candy. “For sure, co-writing and recording the Susan G. Komen for the Cure anthem, ‘Pink Warrior,’ is without question the high point of my career. The song I co-wrote with some amazingly talented Nashville friends has touched so many people, it amazes me. I have cancer survivors come up to me at shows and thank me for that song. But we know THEY are the unbelievably inspiring ones to be thanked for letting us just be a tiny part of their journey.”

The song, which can be found on the CD entitled Lucky, was produced by major Nashville producer Joe Scaife (producer for Montgomery Gentry , K. T. Oslin, Gretchen Wilson). It can also be downloaded from iTunes and many other sites and is still a hit for survivors and many others all across the U.S. In 2009 Candy dedicated all of her own profits from the sales of “Pink Warrior” to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in the hope of playing her own small part in the fight against breast cancer.

Candy’s show has supported many nationally recognized artists at venues and events from coast to coast. Since 2008 her tour calendars have been consistently full throughout each year and have taken Candy from coast to coast for Major State Fairs, Festivals, Corporate Events and Clubs, sharing the stage with many highly recognized artists, including (but far from limited to) Montgomery Gentry, Rodney Crowell, Blake Shelton, Marshall Tucker Band, Zac Brown Band, Bret Michaels, Little Big Town, Eli Young Band ,Lady Antebellum , Charlie Daniels Band, Brooks & Dunn, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, and Luke Bryan. Her 2010-2011 schedule included a 15 major city tour for Susan G. Komen for the Cure which started in Boston and ended in Seattle.

Candy has performed the National Anthem at NASCAR in Charlotte, North Carolina (www.CandyCoburn.com/video). She has also appeared at the Daytona 500 for the U.S. Air Force and has enjoyed many other opportunities to perform at other racing events across the country.

Candy has always been a media darling. Her interviews are always fun and receive rave reviews from radio and TV personalities. Her television appearances have included live interviews from Washington DC on CNN, performing live on FOX & Friends in NYC, a visit to the nationally syndicated Better TV (Better Homes and Garden), and many other affiliates across the nation.

In addition to television and radio, Candy has been featured in a wide range of print media. She was most recently featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal. Other notable press coverage includes USA Today and many other newspapers and magazines across the country, and she has been featured on the covers of 417, LO Profile and a variety of other magazines. Candy is also proud to be recognized by her alma mater, University of Missouri, as a Celebrity Alum in their orientation “Welcome Program” for incoming Freshman classes. For the most complete listing of Candy’s press and media go to the QUOTES AND PRESS link on CandyCoburn.com.

Candy has had a national corporate tour sponsorship for the past 5 years in a row as one of the only females on their True Music Series by St. Louis based Anheuser-Busch. The national restaurant chain, Texas Roadhouse, also has partnered with Candy as a corporate tour sponsor. You can hear Candy’s singles featured on Texas Roadhouse Jukeboxes across the country.

Candy has been a published songwriter, a producer, a full-time performer averaging 160 dates per year, a small business owner (putting out and getting distribution for four records under her own small indie label and publishing company), has had numerous national tour sponsorships/endorsements, has been a Komen Celebrity Ambassador, has charted songs on Texas Music Charts and Music Row charts,…. The list goes on and on. But she will tell you, “The REAL reason all of this has been worth the blood, sweat and tears is


*For a Complete Repertoire of Candy’s Music, visit www.CandyCoburn.com/songlist

*For Current Music Downloads visit www.CandyCoburn.com/music

*For Video Highlights visit www.CandyCoburn.com/video

*Loma Jean – The name of Candy’s grandmother and also the name of Candy’s indie record label." [+]
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