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Carolyn Bosco

Through ACE (American Council on Exercise), Carolyn has mastered different techniques, conditions, nutrition and several other aspects that need to be acknowledged to help someone achieve their healthiest, strongest & best body. She holds herself to her highest standards, because that is how she believes she can maintain a high quality of life. Carolyn’s mission is to help others reach their highest quality of life and maintain it. She believes exercise and proper nutrition is an extremely vital part to life, as health is the groundwork for happiness. She naturally developed a certain love and interest for exercise when she was in fourth grade, as she watched her mother do Jane Fonda videos since she was born. Carolyn was also diagnosed with scoliosis at a young age which made everyday activities, such as carrying her school backpack, hard for her. After discovering that certain exercises could strengthen her to feel better, she realized how important fitness is. A huge factor that goes unnoticed too often is that your bones get stronger as your muscles get stronger. This is also why it’s so important for older people to continue to exercise in their later years (on a different level of course). From middle school to present day, friends and family have been coming to her for work out and nutrition advice. She realized that when she actually helped her friends and family get results, the rewards were endless. Carolyn wants to fill her life with that same feeling on a regular basis, so she decided to pursue her career in the fitness & health industry. [1]