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Castelluccio Sangiovese Ronco dei Ciliegi 2008

The area known as Ronco dei Ciliegi (outcrop of cherry-trees) is one of the two historic "Ronchi" in the Castelluccio Estate. The name is linked to an easily identifiable landmark that can be seen from the access road: two large Cherry trees that rise from the surrounding bushes that indicate the border.There are two different Sangiovese clones planted in this "Ronco." In the lower area the variety is of the same clone used in Ronco delle Ginestre, i.e. sparse bunches and small grapes. In the upper area the clone is of larger and more intense dark grapes. The vineyard is at an altitude of about 320-340 meters, and although it is only 300 meters away from Ronco delle Ginestre, it presents very different micro-climate and soil conditions, to produce a completely different final product. Ronco dei Ciliegi, more elegant than powerful, has the tendency to reach its full balance after a short aging period. [+]