Celani Chardonnay 2013

Chardonnay, the worlds favorite dry white wine, tastes of fruit and then the fruitwood behind it. It is a balance somewhere between apple and oak, the brown barrel growing golden with wine. One of the most regal of all the white wines, it can still seem so much a part of the earth it comes from an overgrown orchards abandoned arbors, lost empty vineyards wild ungathered grapes. The Celani Family Vineyards pure 100% Chardonnay is estate-grown and bottled. Finished in new French oak barrels, toasted individually to enhance the flavor and fragrance of the wine, it is unfiltered so the lees can settle to the bottom of the barrel and add immeasurably to its natural bouquet and taste. Our antique green bottle is produced in France by Saver Glass and its label is designed by renowned Napa artist Jeffrey Caldewey. The cork is imported from Sardinia, Italy and made by Ganau. [+]