Centorri Moscato di Pavia 2014

Centorri is produced by a winery named Eleanor Estate. Founded in the 1960s, it’s located in the village of Castiglione Tinella in Piedmont, Italy. The winery was named after owner and winemaker Eleanora Brangero, who runs the estate with her mother Emiliana, and grandmother Camilla. After years of growing grapes and selling the fruit to local Asti Spumante producers, Eleanora released her Centorri in 2003. The grapes are sourced from older vines, the average age is 20 years old, planted in the province of Pavia, Italy. Pavia is located in the neighboring region of Lombardy, and is gaining recognition as a source of high-quality Moscato. The fruit is hand-picked and quickly transferred to the winery in Castiglione Tinella where it is gently crushed, pressed and naturally clarified. The must is kept at cold temperatures to prevent spontaneous fermentation without sulfites. Yeast is added prior to bottling and the temperature is raised to start secondary fermentation. [+]