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Chamber Band

Every party has a starter town. Chamber Band's could easily be a number of places: Sarah Lawrence College, where three of its members first met and collaborated as undergraduates; the three-story art gallery slash artist residency in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where the first few beta versions of songs squeaked out onstage; or, perhaps the subterranean depths of Chinatown, where the band rehearsed (or played Settlers) on the regular, before being unceremoniously ejected by their landlord for a litany of noise complaints from the tenants above.

The adventure hook was simple enough: slam coffee, make songs. Make good songs. Nerd rock, a sonic Venn diagram that included acts as diverse as Kirby Krackle and Harry and the Potters, was entering its first renaissance, and the band was happy to inject themselves into that genre. With the 2013 debut of Deities, eleven sugary acoustic tunes about heartbreak, lovingly warped through the lens of Dungeons & Dragons, heads turned, and tilted.

In 2014, with a small army suddenly singing their praises, the band debuted two new songs during a take-no-prisoners set on The Chris Gethard Show, then embarked on an ambitious national tour, the Twenty Sided Tour, hitting hobby shops, game stores, and small clubs on both coasts. It was on this tour that the band opened for Nerdcore originators MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and Schaffer the Darklord, and also made their GenCon debut, sharing the same stage as nerd rock royalty The Doubleclicks and Sarah Donner.

As of this writing, the band is stretching every penny from a successful Kickstarter, with plans to release a full-length sophomore album, Careers, in the summer of 2015. [+]