Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA (x4) with Arriba Case

Product Description for Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA (x4) with Arriba Case

4 x Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA

1 x Arriba Cases AC-410

Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA

EZpar™ 64 RGBA is a battery-powered wash light designed to free the mobile entertainer from the hassle of running cables, and speed setup. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge and powers all 180 red, green, blue, and amber LEDs to deliver stunning colors. Easily keep tab on the remaining charge using the visible battery-life indicator, and add a wireless D-Fi™ receiver to create a completely wireless solution.

Arriba Cases AC-410

Inside Case Dimensions : 11x18x11.5 

Newly designed Cases for Chauvet Lighting and various other brands of Lighting fixtures including ADJ & Blizzard.

Affordable, Quality Protection For Mobile Lighting Fixtures!

Although we supply a fitting guide manufacture specifications tend to vary, we encourage you to measure your product yourself to ensure you have chosen the correct case for you product.