Chauvet EZpar 64 White + Clamp + Cable + Safety

Product Description For Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA + Chauvet CLP-15 - Half Coupler + Chauvet DMX3P10FT 3-Pin DMX Cable 10 ft + Chauvet Safety Cable CH-05

Package Includes :

1 - Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA

1 - Chauvet CLP-15 - Half Coupler

1 - Chauvet DMX3P10FT 3-Pin DMX Cable 10 ft.

1 - Chauvet Safety Cable CH-05

Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA :

EZpar 64 RGBA is a battery-powered wash light designed to free the mobile entertainer from the hassle of running cables, and speed setup. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge and powers all 180 red, green, blue, and amber LEDs to deliver stunning colors. Easily keep tab on the remaining charge using the visible battery-life indicator, and add a wireless D-Fi receiver to create a completely wireless solution.

Chauvet CLP-15 - Half Coupler :

Chauvet encourages customers to make safety a priority by utilizing the right clamps and cables for their lighting applications. Made of cast iron or cast aluminum, Chauvet clamps offer a wide range of options in load capacities, mounting and styles.

Chauvet DMX3P10FT 3-Pin DMX Cable 10 ft. :

All Chauvet DMX cables are made specifically for lighting and meet stringent standards of suitability and quality to provide safety, shielding, and prevent transmission interferences. Chauvet model number DMX3P10FT.

Chauvet Safety Cable CH-05 :

Steel safety cable for use with PAR can lighting fixtures and other hanging lighting effect applications.