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Chauvet H1000 Hurricane 1000 + FC-T Timer Remote

Package Includes                                                                   

1 x Chauvet H1000 Hurricane 1000                

1 x Chauvet FCT Remote        

Chauvet H1000 Hurricane 1000

Hurricane 1000 is a lightweight and compact fog machine combining dense fog output and portability. It can be operated from a distance using either the included wired or wireless remote. After an initial heat up period, the Hurricane 1000 is always ready to provide fog on demand. A manual fog button provides easy control at your fingertips and the LED-illuminated tank enhances operation and safety indicating heater status and fluid levels. The machine has ultra-fast heat up time for a quick setup and residue-free water based fog output.

Chauvet FCT Remote

The FC-T is a remote control designed to work with most CHAUVET fog machines. Three LED indicators display timer on/off, continuous fog on/off and whether the machine is ready or heating. Two rotary knobs set interval and duration times.